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Non Medical Transportation Insurance Arizona – It’s Important To Read Your Policy!

Many people who purchase commercial auto insurance do not take the time to read through their policy carefully (or at all!), but by not reading your policy you could be setting yourself up for a big financial burden in the form of a claim denial!

The following coverage scenario is just one example of why it’s always a good idea to understand what is and is not covered by your policy.

Coverage Scenario

Scott Lombardi works for a nursing home as a shuttle driver. Every day he drives seniors to various locations around town, such as the grocery store, the movie theater, etc.

Scott has a bit of a temper, and today his patience is being tested by the driver of a blue sedan hovering hardly more than a few feet behind Scott’s van. Even when there is room to pass, the blue car stays right behind Scott. The driver even seems to be following Scott at every turn.

Scott doesn’t know whether the tailgater is trying to prove a point or simply playing a prank, but he has had enough of it.

“Hold onto something everyone” Scott tells his passengers. ” I think it’s time we teach this guy a lesson.”

Scott starts to accelerate quickly to put some distance between himself and the sedan, knowing full well that the sedan will try to close the gap as soon as he sees an opportunity.

Scott can see in his rear view mirror that the driver has taken the bait and started to catch up.

Suddenly, Scott punches his brakes for a split second, causing his van to lose considerable speed.

His plan was to force the blue sedan to have to slam on his own breaks unexpectedly, and give him a big scare in the process.

The plan only half-works.

The sedan driver does brake, but not nearly fast enough. He slams into the back of Scott’s passenger van, causing significant damage to the back of the vehicle and giving several passengers a strong case of whiplash, including Scott.

Later, Scott tries to make the case that the accident was the fault of the sedan driver for following at an unsafe distance, and naturally the sedan driver blames the accident on Scott’s sudden deceleration.

Meanwhile, the seniors who were passengers in Scott’s van give a more objective version of the story.

A claim is submitted for the damage and medical expenses but it is denied.

On what grounds?

Here’s what the nursing home’s Arizona Non Medical Transportation Insurance Policy says:

Exclusions of coverage:

Coverage under this PART I and our duty to defend does not apply to: 1. Bodily injury and property damage either expected or caused intentionally by or at the direction of an insured.

The insurance company finds that even though the outcome of Scott’s actions were far more severe than what was intended, there was nonetheless the expectation of bodily injury and/or property damage to the driver of the blue sedan. The fact that Scott’s intentions did not match the outcome has no bearing on the insurance company’s exclusions of coverage.

If this seems complicated, that’s because it can be, and that’s why you should always read and understand your policy.

And if you still have doubts, you can always contact the knowledgeable agents of Pathway Insurance for help.

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