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Dump Truck Insurance Arizona

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Arizona Dump Truck Insurance – Coverage Scenario

Big Ron operates a dump truck for a local sand and gravel hauling company called Arvel and Stan’s Gravel and Sand Haulers.

Arvel and Stan’s Gravel and Sand Haulers has been hired to deliver dirt, sand, and gravel for the construction of a golf course.

It is Big Ron’s job to transport the many loads of dirt, sand, and gravel needed for various locations throughout the 18 hole golf course.

As usual, Big Ron has been given specific instructions on where to place each load, but these instructions are especially crucial in this case because of the fragile irrigation system being installed at the same time.

Big Ron spends two days hauling the required materials, and for the most part does a good job. Near the end of the second day, however, Big Ron starts to get a little sloppy. The last few piles of sand and gravel he deposits are not properly placed. Unbeknownst to Big Ron, the sand and gravel piles are blocking part of the sprinkler system.

Big Ron has completes his contracted work and heads home.

The next day, the crew in charge of the irrigation attempts to test the sprinkler system. The blockage caused by Big Ron’s sand and gravel piles backs up the water, creating lots of pressure in one location. The pipe breaks, allowing the water to flow underground. Before long, the underground flow causes a cave-in. Much of the sand, gravel, sod, and other resources being used to create that part of the golf course erodes away and slides down the bank and into the nearby river.

This will cost many thousands of dollars in property damage. When the culprit is identified as Big Ron, Arvel and Stan’s Gravel and Sand Haulers files a truck insurance claim with their insurance provider.

Will the insurance company agree to pay the claim?

To answer that question we have to take a look at Arvel and Stan’s Gravel and Sand Co.’s commercial auto insurance policy. Here’s what it says:


Completed Operations – “Bodily injury” or “property damage” arising out of your work after that work has been completed or abandoned.  Your work will be deemed completed at the earliest of the following times: (1) When all of the work called for in your contract has been completed. (2) When all of the work to be done at the site has been completed if your contract calls for work at more than one site. (3) When that part of the work done at a job site has been put to its intended use by any person or organization other than another contractor or subcontractor working on the same project.

Based on this exclusion, the insurance company likely would not cover this claim because the property damage was caused by Big Ron’s work “after that work [had] been completed or abandoned”.

This means Arvel and Stan’s Gravel and Sand Haulers may be on the hook to pay for the damage out-of-pocket!

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