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Tow Truck Insurance Tucson Az

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Tucson Az Tow Truck Insurance – Coverage Scenario Part 1

Bert operates a tow truck for S. Street Towing Inc., and he is on thin ice at his job.

Bert has racked up several points on his driving record in a relatively short amount of time, which has cost his boss, Ernie quite a bit of money in the form of higher commercial auto insurance premiums.

His day has been like any other routine day on the job so far. He towed a few vehicles this morning and then went to a fast food joint to buy some lunch.

On his way to another towing job, while driving down a busy two lane road, Bert notices red and blue lights flash on in his rear view mirror.

He looks down at his speedometer. Bert realizes he is driving 15 over the speed limit.

Bert panics. If he gets another speeding ticket he could lose his job and his license.

Bert passes over a railroad crossing and pulls over to the side of the road. Just then, as fate would have it, the railroad crossing lights begin blinking. The police officer is forced to stop at the railroad crossing and wait for the train to pass.

Bert takes this as a sign. As the train engine passes in front of the police car, Bert hightails it out of there.

For a moment or two Bert is thrilled that he has avoided another ticket, but then reality begins to set in; even if the police officer did not have time to take down Bert’s license plate, he almost certainly saw the big “S. Street Towing Inc.” sign emblazoned on the side of Bert’s bright red tow truck.

While Bert’s mind races, he sees another police car turn onto his street, sirens blaring.

Bert panics again and tries to take a sudden turn onto a side street, crashing right into a turning van.

The damage to the van and to Bert’s tow truck is substantial.

Will S. Street Towing Inc.’s business auto insurance policy cover the damage? Find out what happens in our next article.

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