Hot Shot Truck Insurance Arizona

Arizona Hot Shot Truck Insurance – Excellent Rates on Expeditors Insurance

Hot Shot Truck Insurance Arizona

Expeditors know the importance of moving fast. At Pathway Insurance, we always strive to set our clients up with a new commercial truck insurance policy in a timely manner so you can get back to doing what you do best.

We provide Hot Shot Truck Insurance policies in Arizona, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Illinois, Florida, Georgia, and Maryland, and we enter new states all the time.

Contact Pathway Insurance Services at 800-998-0662 toll free Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM CST for great rates and coverage on Hot Shot Truck Insurance in Arizona.

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Hot Shot Truck Insurance Arizona – Coverage Scenario: Would This Be Covered?

The following is a fictitious scenario to illustrate the importance of understanding one’s coverage.

Jerry has been in the expeditors trucking business for a couple of years now. He prides himself on always delivering his payloads ahead of schedule. What his clients do not know is that Jerry really puts the petal to the metal once in a while to make up for lost time.

Yes, Jerry likes to strategically speed on stretches of highway where he feels confident there are likely to be no police cars nearby, and so far he has gotten away with it.

While on a delivery like any other, a traffic jam costs Jerry a significant amount of time. Naturally, as soon as he breaks free of bumper-to-bumper traffic and finds some open road, he kicks it into overdrive and begins to speed.

Jerry is easily going 35 over the speed limit, occasionally weaving around the slower moving vehicles in his path, and never bothering to use his turn signals.

Jerry is so intent on making up his lost time that he does not notice the car up ahead signaling a lane change. By the time Jerry realizes that the car is beginning to switch lanes it’s too late.

Jerry tries to avoid the car but can’t maneuver his truck fast enough due to the trailer full of cars he’s pulling. He clips the lane-changing car, then veers off road and into the forest. The low-hanging branches scratch and bang up the cars he’s carrying on his trailer, and his own truck takes some damage, too.

Seconds later, Jerry hears sirens. It turns out a police officer had clocked Jerry’s speed just moments before the collision and witnessed the whole thing.

Will Jerry’s commercial auto insurance cover the damage to his truck and the cars he was hauling at the time of the accident?

The answer would probably be “no.”

The insurance company may revoke coverage for claims sustained during the course of or as a result of engaging in criminal activity, and because Jerry’s speeding and reckless driving were witnessed by a police officer the state could make a strong case that Jerry’s driving could be considered “reckless”, a criminal offense.

Arizona Hot Shot Truck Insurance – Allow Us to Advocate For You!

One of the many customer-focused services we provide at Pathway Insurance is our Pathway Claims Advocacy program.

What do we mean by Claims Advocacy?

When one of our clients is involved in a dispute with the insurance company that provides their policy, Pathway Insurance will advocate on our client’s behalf to help settle the dispute in the client’s favor.

If that sounds like a good program to you, then why not give us a call at 800-998-0662, chat with us online, or request a quote via our simple online form?

To launch the form click one of the options below:

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